SuzyPod: “Creative Conversations” With Marine Serre

Marine Serre increased basic recognition with her second-since forever assortment, ‘Radical Call for Love’, which was made for her own mark for Autumn/Winter 2017, and planned in the wake of the Paris and Brussels assaults while she was working at Balenciaga. It highlighted what might turn into her mark – a sickle moon theme.

This prompted her triumphant the lofty 2017 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Rihanna gave her the honor and Karl Lagerfeld supported her work and turned into her guide.

This youthful French lady, brought up in the open country, was prepared at a Belgian style school and can be viewed as a design prophet. She appears to have seen the future and communicated it in garments.

SuzyPod: “Creative Conversations” With Marine Serre

                                                  SuzyPod: “Creative Conversations” With Marine Serre

Only a fashion prophet could have shown a collection that included images of flames before the Australian bush fires, and mask the faces of her models before the world knew of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been a tumultuous ride for the designer’s small team, but with her use of regenerated materials; the up-cycling skills she inherited from her grandfather at his “brocante” (flea market); and the support of Lagerfeld and Adrian Joffe of Dover Street Market, Marine has achieved a cult following.

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