The Cymbeline 2020 Accumulations

Behind your Cymbeline outfit is an entire group of authorities who have the information, a great deal of affection, the enthusiasm and gifts, to make your dress novel …

Some time ago, in the plant enclosures of the Castle of Fontainebleau, you would discover the planners motivated by History, taking a shot at their new manifestations. Outlining new structures, working with mind boggling textures: strings of ribbon, silk, organza and fabric. The workshop is a hive of movement: canvas creators, design cutters, modelist, cutters, all cooperating on your future wedding dress.

Some time ago the skilled craftsmans, corset maker, plumassier, lacemaker, embroiderer.
For over 40 years, you can not wait to get away from it all, to make the most of your dreams, to make the most beautiful stories in the world, your romantic tale …

We are here to pick you up, pick you up for picking our workshop …

The Parisian

Ongoing idea of ​​the new 2020 gathering of cymbeline wedding dresses. From Saint-Germain-des-Prés to the Eiffel tower through the idyllic and creative universe of the boulevards of Montmartre without overlooking the Moulin Rouge. The Parisienne walks around the Seine. Paris, Paris, France, France.


On the edge of the nursery of the Château de Fontainebleau, the Bellifontaine walks horseback in a most outstanding setting. A spot obtained by history that anticipates the magnificence of a rising affection.

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