The Hidden Meaning of Beyonce’s Clothes in the Clip for the Song Apeshit

This weekend, Beyoncé and Jay Z released their new clip for the song Apeshit from the new album Everything Is Love. The location of the shooting was the Louvre with its luxurious design and incredible works of art. However, it was not only the interior of the museum that managed to surprise the musical duet, but also the outfits. We tell what the images of musicians mean.


Power suits in the first frames of the video symbolize the partnership between Beyonce and Jay Zee. The pink costume on Beyonce denotes femininity, and the mint of Jay Z’s masculinity.


Dancing in front of the painting “The Coronation of Napoleon” by the artist Jacques-Louis David along with the dancers, Beyonce tries on the bustier and leggings in a cage from Burberry, which demonstrates the strength of the female connection and the natural perception of the woman as the leader.


Against the backdrop of the sculpture “Nika Samothrace”, created in honor of the Greek goddess Nicky, Beyonce and Jay Zi stand in white outfits, while the dancers are dressed in simple tops and legings of dingy pastel shades. This scene shows the superiority and authority of the couple.


Dressed from head to foot in Versace, Beyonce embodies the image of a dark-skinned slave girl from the portrait of Marie-Guillaume Benoit.


Dancing against the background of the sculpture “Venus de Milo” in bodily body, emphasizing every bend of the singer’s body, Beyonce again reminds of the true beauty of a woman.

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