The most stylish foreigners in 2015

Once a year we make a rating of the 100 most stylish men in Russia and the world. We introduce you to the foreign half of the list.

Douglas Booth

The young actor was on the list of the most stylish British GQ at the age of 19, and not so long ago became the face of Burberry. His win-win move is a white T-shirt: under a jacket, trench, or a large-knit cardigan.

Ben affleck

A successful actor and director – a sample of this American style. It looks best on things that have moved into the everyday wardrobe of the military: field jackets, pilots bombers, high leather boots and cotton sweatshirts. However, Affleck is also able to cope with the evening wardrobe.

Killian Murphy

The Irish actor more than organically looks in the series “Sharp Visors” – in woolen threes from the 1920s, with a cap and shaved temples. In everyday life, however, prefers modern costumes.

Charlie Hannam

At the Calvin Klein Collection show, the actor was spotted in a flawless gray suit. Although Hannem best manages the image of his hero from the “sons of anarchy” – down jackets with sweatshirts and ripped jeans.

Robert Downey Jr

Self-irony and charisma justify even the most daring combinations. Dior Homme lily of the valley suit, Bavarian national outfit or trio from the Etro podium collection – Downey Jr. can do anything.

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