The murder of George Floyd: mass protests in the United States and the statements of the stars about the racial problem

The USA was swept by a wave of protests over the murder of 46-year-old black resident of Minneapolis George Floyd. The police killed him during his arrest. A boarding video spread around in which a policeman strangled him, leaning on his neck with his knee. US officials promise to investigate the incident, police officers who participated in the detention of George Floyd were fired, and one was arrested on murder charges.

In view of these events, riots are taking place in the United States. Protests are accompanied by demonstrations, pogroms, arsons and robberies of various institutions. Luxury boutiques have also suffered. Showcases of Alexander McQueen and Gucci were smashed at Rovero Drive in Beverly Hills. Marc Jacobs, adidas Originals, and Urban Outfitters were busted at Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Three other stores, Dr Martins, Tony K, and Reloaded, set fire to protesters. The riots broke into the Nordstrom luxury department store and The Grove shopping and entertainment complex, where they robbed Apple and Ray-Ban stores.

Nordstrom store in Bellevue Square Mall
On the walls of the boutiques, the protesters left inscriptions: F *** capitalism (To hell with capitalism), Make America Pay (Make America pay), Eat the rich (literally – Eat the rich).
Violation of rights and a big bias against black people among the police is a huge problem in the USA Many celebrities have spoken out about the inhuman act.
On Friday night, Beyoncé posted a video on Instagram in which she addressed subscribers

BELLEVUE, WA – MAY 31: The interior of a Nordstrom store in Bellevue Square Mall is seen after looting took place on May 31, 2020 in Bellevue, Washington. Protests due to the recent death of George Floyd took place in Bellevue in addition to Seattle, with looting in Bellevue and at least one burned automobile there. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

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