There Are Plenty to Choose From: Top-7 Trenches for the Spring

Spring has already entered into its legal rights, and very soon women of fashion will change warm coats to the light trench. We have repeatedly said that the trench, invented more than a century ago by Thomas Burberry for the military, is the main purchase of spring, the more it will never go out of style. Today, this is not just the basic subject of the wardrobe, but also the must-have season- no matter what the weather is outside the window. Masters of thread and needle, this wardrobe is still interesting, so they continue their fashion-experiments. Of course, in early spring fashionistas will have to go to various tricks so as not to freeze into such a thing (given the weather outside the window), and to put on tight tricot sweaters with a high throat, but when it gets warmer, it will be possible to give vent to fantasy and wear it with light dresses or wide trousers and a turtleneck.

The editorial staff of FW-Daily chose 7 models for different tastes and colors so that each fashionista would look after one or even several really valuable copies.


If you already have a classic one, then boldly buy one more, but not simple, but from an unusual material or deconstructive cut. We found a very handsome  Alexander McQueen. Difficult, timed, two-factor, with a long belt and deep pockets.

If you want to be not just in a trend, but look British in style, it’s worth adding a little tartan to the wardrobe. The easiest way to make friends with the classics is to have a trench coat made of wool, which is a sample of good taste, and the figure itself is the official tartan of Queen Elizabeth II.

For sure you can not wait to dress in the colors of spring greens and get lost among the forest landscapes. Protective colors flit in the collections of famous fashion houses for several years in a row and rightly can be considered a spring classic because they can be seen not only on the usual trousers and parks but also on dresses and haute couture.

To the brilliant patent leather did not remain indifferent neither fashion brands nor fashionistas. For spring images, the white trench coat is perfect for half a year – in spring you want to start everything from scratch. This trench is to be worn paired with jeans, laconic shirt and sneakers or at all to throw on a naked body. In either case, the material will make the image interesting and slightly more extravagant.

A win-win option for those girls who face the inverted dressing room and puzzle over the question of “what to wear?”. This universal trench covers all issues with its conciseness and versatility. With such a valuable copy in the wardrobe, you do not have to puzzle over what to wear and combine with.


In each wardrobe, there should be a version of outerwear for a special occasion. With whatever you put on a trench coat of rich emerald color, you always get an image worthy of admiration. Not only is this thing practical, it will also become an exquisite addition to the evening image.

Cutouts and cuts

Raf Simons, apparently, can not do without experiments, so I sewed at first glance a classic trench, but on closer examination not devoid of interspersing deconstructionism. Sections at the seams at the bottom of the sleeve automatically attract attention and make the image unusual, especially if you wear such a thing with vinyl trousers and coarse boots.




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