Up close and personal with Hifsa Khan

inancier turned supervisor woman Hifsa Khan run one of Lahore’s most seasoned and esteemed magnificence salons. With a transition of new age parlors in the market, we plunked down with Hifsa to talk about how her salon emerges from others.

Q1. Disclose to us a little about your salons history, how could you end up entering the magnificence business and what propelled you?

In spite of the fact that I have been functioning as a corporate Banker with numerous International Banks including ABN Amro at the same time, I have dependably been slanted towards Arts since youth, thinking back, maybe it was that feature of my character which gradually wound up predominant throughout the years till it took a fortification over my profession.

This U go went to my life when I kicked wedded and off a family. The break that I took for dealing with my infant allowed me to inhale and investigate my inward enthusiasm. I had constantly adored cosmetics and however my very own wedding cosmetics was extraordinary, I had discovered that the marriage administrations industry was needing in the measure of time, love and care offered to the lady, and that void turned into my sign…

Q.2 Your mark marriage cosmetics is cherished by many, how might you depict your style?

My style is redone according to my lady of the hour’s face and desires. So in the event that I became hopelessly enamored with Anushka Sharma’s no make up look on her wedding, in the meantime I like to give a portion of my lady of the hour’s customary and illustrious red look. I likewise love the delicate peachy look with shimmery eyes giving my lady of the hour a brilliant ravishing look. That is the reason we lead Demo meeting with the ladies before their enormous day to choose which cosmetics style will make them look best. So being a craftsman I need to watch out for most recent cosmetics slants likewise and I generally keep myself furnished with all the most recent cosmetics methods.

Q.3 Makeup can be unsafe to the skin whenever connected constantly, what excellence routine would you prompt for perfect and clear skin?

No, if the cosmetics items are of fantastic, they are not destructive for the skin but rather yes the best possible cleaning of cosmetics is fundamental before you head to sleep. What’s more, for clean skin, you need to pursue the healthy skin routine which incorporates legitimate water consumption, enough rest, utilization of value skin items and over all positive reasoning which keeps you shining all around.

Q.4 Your salon offers Thalgo healthy skin administrations, which would you prescribe most and why?

Thalgo has a wide scope of healthy skin items and I should state all have otherworldly impacts. Be that as it may, my most loved Thalgo administration is “Thalgo Silicium Facial”. This treatment is for against maturing skin and numerous customers at Hifsa Khan Salon have attempted this administration and their input is astonishing. I myself get this treatment for my skin and thought that it was more than I have caught wind of its mystical outcomes.

Q.5 What sort of hair medicines would one be able to discover at your salon?

Hifsa Khan Salon has wide scope of hair medicines running from natural to synthetic based medications having brisk outcomes. Our most well known Hair Treatment is Organic Ayurvedic Hair Treatment which is against dandruff, stops untimely silver hair and improves male pattern baldness. To have better outcomes, 3-4 sittings are suggested in a month. Its application is basic and we have its retail enclose accessible likewise the salon which has 4 parts of the treatment.

Q.6 Do you intend to wander into skincare and beautifiers?

We do have vital coordinated efforts with many skin, hair and cosmetics marks however with the rising patterns of the business, it is inescapable to have our own scope of cosmetics items.

Like I myself get my cosmetics things gathered in altered parcels from universal makers. What’s more, once in a while it turns out to be furious so it’s far simpler to change over your envisioned hues into your own items and dispatch it as retail as well.

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