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Upcycle and how Ukrainians introduce it into their wardrobe

We talked with Nika Koverina, the owner of the indo-posh atelier and @koverina_atelier clothing studio about branding redesigns and what Ukrainian fashionistas often bring to remake and alter.

Upcycle and how Ukrainians introduce it into their wardrobe

                                                                                                           Nika Koverina

My way to singular fitting, truth be told, started with an overhaul. As a young person, I cruelly cut and physically changed my mom’s denim skirts and grandma’s material decorative liners. Halfway, from the failure to have the measure of excellent things that you needed. And then some, in any case, from powerful creative mind and the craving to dislike every other person.

It is significant for me that my preferred garment enchant as far as might be feasible. It regularly appears to my companions that I have a dimensionless wardrobe and a great many things in it, however the mystery is that they are very similar things from year to year, and the vast majority of them have just experienced changes. I change the plan, length, fit, fittings and even the shade of the items.

My masters, seeing me with huge paper bags on the doorstep, always exclaim: “Oh! We will coconut ”. This means we will put it on a mannequin, walk around, pin-chop, apply lace or buttons, cut, pick up, insert an elastic band and so on. This is an incredibly interesting creative process.

Fortunately, literally all the regular customers of the atelier share my attitude to upcycle, and the conscious indoshiv, and they are also dreamers – and this is endlessly inspiring. Until one in the morning we can exchange ideas in the messenger that we can build from The Row sarafan, which has already snapped up, or how to beat a tiny speck on a favorite Zimmermann blouse that cannot be removed in any dry cleaners. These are successful, realized girls and women, they can afford a lot and allow themselves such an attitude to clothes – this is incredibly nice!


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