Vinyl Pants, Kimonos and Corsets in the Collection of Maison Margiela Menswear Ss’19

“This is the highest form of dressing, but for men. I hope that this collection will give rise to a new sensuality and sexuality in fashion, “said creative director Maison Margiela John Galliano in a recent podcast. The designer told about the sewing techniques and why he raised the Artisanal collection for men to the level of haute couture. It is reported that the changes influenced the ball, Met Gala.

Watching the new generation and their interpretation of the dress code, Galliano changes the strategy, introducing the extreme disco style of the 80s and masculine sexuality. Throughout the collection, a red thread goes through masculinity, based on the typology of British tailoring and the richness of decorative elements, which is commonly used in sewing women’s haute couture models. The designer is experimenting with forms, honoring the tradition of inventive Martin Margel, whose skill consisted not only of revolutionary ideas but also in the filigree of cut.

The SS’19 line can rightly be called a picket piece of Galliano’s experiments, obtained throughout his career: he transfers feminine silhouettes from Dior, audacity, and courage – from the same name John Galliano, and the vanguard from the current place of work, Maison Margiela.

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