Wedding Collection Hira Ali Studios “BREAK THE MOLD”

After the success of its luxury prêt-à-doorman and high fashion collections called Les Racines in August, Hira Ali Studios is going to present a completely new collection of A / W wedding capsules; The collection’s photo session is over this week, and the collection is expected to begin in the first week of December.

The collection called “Break The Mold” really breaks the mold, providing a modern twist to the designer spirit of a modern wedding. With his fashionable cutting-edge silhouettes, exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, the bride Hira Ali exudes a tangible aura of confidence and, possibly, an ode, repeatedly breaking the shape.

Sharing her inspiration from the creation of the collection, Hira Ali, creative director of Hira Ali Studios, said: “The most typical design aesthetics of Hira Ali is minimal and sharp, but feminine and luxurious. I was inspired by the concept of diversity in design and wanted to offer an alternative perspective to approach the brides through this capsule collection. I am inspired by strong, self-assured women who pave their own ways and refuse to be determined by already existing patterns. This collection is a tribute and celebration to women who have broken and continue to break the forms that restrain them. “

Hira Ali Studio received critical acclaim as one of the most exciting new fashion brands in Pakistan, debuting on the prestigious PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week platform in 2016. The brand is known for its minimalist, modern and sharp interpretation of the design. Currently, Hira Ali Studios is located in a separate studio in Lahore, Pakistan, for formal, wedding and luxury clothes Prét.

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