What Clothes Did Melania Trump and Queen Letizia Choose for the Meeting?

King of Spain Philip VI and Queen Letizia this Tuesday visited the White House. The business meeting of the first ladies of the two countries was to take place behind a tea ceremony in the garden. For the event Melania Trump chose an olive dress from Valentino with white embroidery in the form of flowers, complemented by olive boats from Manolo Blahnik. In turn, Queen Letizia gave preference to the American brand Michael Kors.

It would seem that in the outfits of the first ladies there was nothing remarkable – all by the rules, but there is one nuance. This time, Melania chose a very calm image of the most muted shades and elegant silhouette, while Queen Letizia appeared in a poisonous pink dress, tight-fitting figure, with gold accessories. This detail clearly indicates the desire to present your country in a worthy manner.

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