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What to wear in your commitment celebration? dresses to inspire you

While there is no specific protocol, feed some keys you can follow to get the costume right in your commitment celebration. Check this gallery and find all the inspiration you are looking for.

Once the engagement ring is placed and the emotion of everything that is to come is assimilated, it will be time to tell the world that they are getting married. How to do it? Although it is not such a marked tradition, as launching the bouquet or splitting the marriage cake, yes many couples who decide to unveil the news through a celebration with their relatives and / or closest friends.

If with your fiancé you are thinking about joining this trend and do not know how to dress for the occasion, here you will find thoughts to choose the most appropriate celebration dress. Check this selection with models for all energies!

Celebration well-known

If you will gather your closest relatives around a formal lunch or dinner, and ocean at home or in a restaurant, your wardrobe should be elegant according to the circumstance, but mainly according to the time and place.

For example, a cocktail or midi dress if the appointment will be during the day, ideally in soft, pastel or powdery tones.

If the party will be at night, meanwhile, you can bet on a more adjusted model, and ocean long, short or asymmetric and in more intense colors, bowing for blue celebration dresses, or in red or metallic tones.

Now, if the celebration will be in an outdoor setting, such as in a field or plot, then a maxi dress printed with floral motifs will make you feel romantic, fresh and sophisticated.

Celebration with friends
If you have decided to celebrate the commitment to a night out with your best friends, then you will not find a more appropriate instance to wear that glamorous garment that you fell in love with at first sight.

For example, a short celebration dress loaded with ruffles, feathers or transparencies that, probably, you would not dare to take on another occasion.

Celebration on the beach

And what if they decide to formalize their future exchange of gold rings on the beach? If so, you will be able to lean on a more casual dress with loose fitting silk or regular gauze; Yes, family and friends should request the same standard clothing. And is that if they organize a meal in front of the deface, the idea is that everyone is comfortable and have no doubts about how to dress.

In this sense, although engagement parties do not usually include a dress code, the perfect thing is to propose it so that guests do not get confused.
Surprise party

A unique and very fun way to celebrate the commitment, is that the couple offer a surprise party for their loved ones, inviting them on any pretext without being able to suspect what is the real reason for the meeting.

Within that context, it is common to make a cocktail or a buffet dinner, so your wardrobe should not be extremely elegant or out of tune with the rest.

What to choose? Depending on the season, lean for a simple dress, but with some detail that attracts attention, and ocean a neckline off the shoulder, sleeves with lace, a bow at the waist or rhinestones on the shoulders, among other options. In addition, you can innovate with your hair, choosing a hairstyle with braids, for example, to refresh your look.

Options to the dress
If you definitely do not get dressed, not even to wear on occasion, that is no longer a problem, as fashion houses incorporate more and more party alternatives in their catalogs.

So, for example, you can opt for an always elegant jumpsuit, or an enterito for marriage that you will find in different versions and colors, from black to the most vibrant tones. It is a very versatile garment, as well as comfortable that you can adapt with the correct accessory, depending on whether your engagement party is more or less formal.

Also, two-piece suits child another excellent option, for example, a harvest top accompanied by a hipster chic skirt or a skirt look a boo. However, if you prefer the option with pants, you will also look sophisticated in a palazzo with a delicate seasonal blouse.

Do you solve your doubts? Show off in your celebration of commitment with a suit that represents you 100 percent, and ocean in a long party dress or other cut, in traditional or electric colors. This will be your preliminary approach to fashion catalogs, as wedding dresses will be the next thing you will be looking for.

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