Women are the power of the earth. ” Rihanna presented the first collection of Fenty

A few days ago, Rihanna showed the first advertising campaign of her new brand, Fenty. The singer became its CEO and artistic director, as well as the first black woman in the history of fashion to lead a brand owned by LVMH.

“Women are the power of the earth. We are multi-faceted, complex, vulnerable, but bulletproof, and Fenty works with all of our features. Sometimes I want to be submissive, for many days I can be strong and responsible, and more often I feel that I want to be this and that … Therefore, it is very important that we create a universal line to allow ourselves to be different, ”said Rihanna is about the brand, adding that all elements of the collection are easy to mix, match and wear daily.

She presented her debut collection in Paris at the time of the opening of the pop-art store. LVMH president Bernard Arno, Peter Lindberg, Chris Van Ash and Sarah Andelman came to support Rihanna.

The collection includes denim dresses, suits, dresses, jackets, skirts, wide trousers, waist bags, shirts, caps and sunglasses.

Already today, items from the collection can be bought exclusively on the brand’s website, and they will officially be available from May 29

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