Women’s fashion – 2020: major trends of spring and summer

1 . Tiered dresses and skirts

If last season at the peak of fashion was multi-layered, then in 2020 the position of the “most fashionable stuff of the season” was confidently conquered by multi-level constructions.

2 . Golden accents

This season’s gold is new black. Gold elements, including rich embroidery on brocade jackets and costumes, are present in almost every actual collection of world fashion houses.

This is a good reason to buy something that has recently been considered kitsch and excessive luxury, and feel like a beloved wife (or daughter) of the padishah, walking on modern city streets.

3 . Dress tuxedos

Girls have been trying on men’s clothing for a long time, and in 2020 this trend is entering a new stage: an elongated version of a smart-looking men’s jacket turns into an elegant and sexy mini-dress. However, the length can be adjusted: tuxedo outfits are good in the format up to the middle of the thigh, in midi, and in maxi.

4 . All white

Or, more precisely, all in white. The image of a bright and sublime girl in the coming season is one of the must-haves.
It is not necessary to withstand it strictly monochrome. A combination of a snow white blouse and milk trousers or a classic romantic starch white shirt with an ivory skirt is allowed.

In general, choose to your taste. The main thing – to adhere to the concept – in a trendy outfit should be only shades of white.

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